Pre Starters


Spice Papadum£0.70

Onion Raita£1.20

Cucumber Raita£1.20

Onion Salad£0.50

Mango Chutney£0.60

Mixed Pickle£0.60

Curry Sauce£2.25

Mint Sauce£0.60


Meat Samosa£3.95
Crispy triangular pastry shell with lamb minced meat.

Vegetable Samosa£3.95
Crispy triangular pastry shell with mixed vegetable.

Dall Soup£3.50
Lentil soup with aromatic spices.

Seek Kebab (St)£4.50
Spicy lamb minced meat grilled on skewers cooked in tandoori clay oven.

Reshme Kebab (St)£4.50
Spicy round shape kebab with fried omelette on top

Nargis Kebab£4.80
Boiled egg covered with lamb minced meat and fried

Chicken Tikka (St)£4.50
Marinated diced cut chicken cooked in tandoori clay oven

Lamb Tikka (St)£4.50
Marinated diced cut lamb cooked in tandoori clay oven

Chicken Chat£4.50
Slice chicken cooked with tamarind sauce. Served with fried thin bread

Onion Bhaji£4.50
Chopped onions with herbs and spice round shape and fried

Prawn Puree£4.50
Prawn cooked in onion, green pepper, herbs ans spice. Served with fried thin bread.

King Prawn Puree£6.50
King Prawn cooked in onion, green pepper, herbs ans spice. Served with fried thin bread.

Vegetable Puree£3.95
Cooked in onion, green pepper, herbs ans spice. Served with fried thin bread.

King Prawn Butterfly £6.50
Flate shape king prawn herbe cooked with bread crumbs and fried.

Paneer Tikka (St)£4.95

Prawn Cocktall£3.85
Prawn in Cocktall sauce with lettuce

Chicken Pakora£5.35
Chicken battered in gram flour medium spice herbs and deep fried

Mixed Starter£5.95
Onion Bhaji, Chicken and Lamb Tikka and Sheek kebab

Salmon Tikka£6.95
Succulent pieces of salmon, marinaded and cooked in a tandoori clay oven

Tandoori Dishes

Tandoori Chicken Half£7.50

Chicken Tikka (Main)£9.50

Lamb Tikka (Main)£9.50

Tandoori King Prawn£15.45

Tandoori Mixed Grill£13.95

Masala Dishes

Chicken Masala£9.95

Lamb Masala£9.95

Tandoori King Prawn Masala£15.95

Mixed Vegetable Masala£8.95

Shashlick Dishes

Chicken Shashlick£11.95

Lamb Shashlick£11.95

King Prawn Shashlick£16.50

Mahal Specials

Home made sauce, fresh ginger, garlic paste, chilli and herbs fairly hot

Marinated sliced chicken and lamb minced meat cooked together with medium thick sauce

Cheese, onions, green pepper, cooked with mild creamy sauce

Whold garlic, pickled onion, fresh chilli cooked in tamarind sauce fairly hot

Marinated tikka cooked in mild sauce coconut, almond and pure butter ghee

Medium spice cooked with boiled egg, green pepper with fried onion

Delicate mild spice cooked in fresh cream and mint

Medium spice tikka with chick peas, onion and green pepper

Hot and spicy dish cooked with fresh green chilli

With pickled onion and authentic chat massala sauce

Fairly hot

Lamb Satkora£11.95
Cooked withnative Bangladesh lime spice thick sauce, medium sour flavour

Murgh Masala£14.95
Chicken on the bone cooked with minced meat and a blend of spices

Biriani Dishes

Chicken Biriani£10.95

Lamb Biriani£10.95

Chicken Tikka Biriani£11.50

Lamb Tikka Biriani£11.50

Prawn Biriani£10.95

King Prawn Biriani£14.95

Vegetable Biriani£9.50

Mixed Biriani£13.95

Persian Dishes

Chicken Pathia£10.95

Lamb Pathia£10.95

Chicken Tikka Pathia£11.95

Lamb Tikka Pathia£11.95

Prawn Pathia£10.95

King Prawn Pathia£15.95

Vegetable Pathia£9.50

Chicken Dansak£10.95

Lamb Dansak£10.95

Chicken Tikka Dansak£11.95
Cooked with aromatic lentils sauce

Lamb Tikka Dansak£11.95
Cooked with aromatic lentils sauce

Prawn Dansak£10.95

King Prawn Dansak£15.95

Vegetable Dansak£9.50

Classic Dishes

Medium dish with traditional curry sauce



Very mild dish with almond, coconut and cream

Medium with tomato, capsicum and coriander

Delicious mild dish with pineapple

Medium dish cooked with very dry spinach

Cooked with lychee

Cooked with onion, capsicum and corrigenda very dry dish

Medium spice cooked in dry fenugreek

Medium spice cooked with coconut

Medium spice

Medium, cooked with potatoes

Medium, cooked with fried cubed onions capsicum

Medium dry dish cooked in aubergine

Medium dry dish cooked in cauliflower

Extremely hot curry

Balti Dishes

Chicken Balti £11.95

Lamb Balti £11.95

King Prawn Balti £16.50

Vegetable Balti £9.95

Prawn Balti £11.95

Thali Dishes

Mixed Thali £14.95

Vegetable Thali £12.50

Bengali Fish Jalfrezi£13.95
Served with Boiled Rice

Bengali Fish Bhuna£13.95
Served with Boiled Rice

Bengali Fish Bhaji£13.95
Served with Boiled Rice

English Dishes

Fried Chicken£9.50

Plain Omelette £7.50

Chicken Omelette£7.50

Fried Scampi£9.50

Side Dishes

Vegetable Curry£3.70

Dry Vegetable Curry £3.95

Cauliflower Bhajee£3.95

Bindin Bhajee£3.95

Peas Bhajee£3.95

Bombay Potato£3.95

Spinach Bhajee£3.95

Aloo Gobi£3.95

Chana Massala£3.95

Brinjal Bhajee£3.95

Mushroom Bhajee£3.95

Plain Dgal £4.25

Tarka Dhal£4.25

Massala Dhal£4.25

Saag Aloo£4.50

Saag Panir£4.50

Mutter Paneer£4.50



Chicken Salad£4.95

Prawn Salad £5.95

Green Salad£3.95


Plain Rice£3.10

Pilau Rice£3.20

Lemon Rice£3.85

Garlic Rice£3.85

Coconut Rice£3.85

Keema Rice£4.10

Egg and peas Rice£4.10

Mushroom Rice£4.10


Peshwari Nan£3.50

Keema Nan£3.60

Garlic Nan£3.50


Egg Paratha£3.50

Butter Chapati£1.60


egg and stuff poratha£3.50

Stuffed Nan£3.50

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